Jeepers, Creepers! Where’d You Put Your Peepers?

If you’re a person like me, who needs the assistance of eyeglasses for reading and or work-related tasks, chances are that you also, like me, forget where you’ve set said eyeglasses on a regular basis. And, seriously — how annoying is that?

Well, guess what? Those days are over, thanks to our sensational hands-free gadgets, the Magnetic Eyeglass Holders!Italian Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

What the heck are Magnetic Eyeglass Holders? You ask. Well, they’re fashionable little brooch-like jobbies with a hoop for securely hanging your eyewear from your shirt, your pants pocket, your handbag, backpack, swimsuit, or even your nightie, for those of us who like to read in bed.

The super strong Magnetic Eyeglass Holders will never damage your fabric, and will hold your eyewear far more securely in place than if you’d simply stuck them in your shirt pocket, tucked them atop your head or hung them from the neck of your shirt. Go from work to play without ever worrying about misplaced eyewear again, with these magically spectacular, magnetic gadgets.

Choose from hip, mod, Specs in a Sec, varieties, or go totally Euro with Italian Best Eyeglass Holders peppered with classically elegant accents. There’s a style to suit every woman AND every man, in fact, I saw one guy wearing his Magnetic Eyeglass Holder on his necktie! (You go, Dude!)

Perfectly suited for day, evening, formal or casual wear, you can wear your Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, ANYWHERE!

In addition to helping you keep up with your eyeglasses, Magnetic Eyeglass Holders (which make nifty little gift items) are also ideal for keeping up with sunglasses, fashion-scarves, or IDs, and are awesome-looking enough to simply wear as  stand-alone fashion-statement pieces.

Go ahead. Order your Magnetic Eyeglass Holders today and forever take the guess-work out of your spectacles!

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Why Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders?

SpecsSec  Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Gold Swirl

SpecsSec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Gold Swirl

Wearing eyeglasses was never fashionable, nor are they convenient. When you wear an eyeglass chain or strap around your neck, it looks nerdy! At least that’s the general impression. But it doesn’t have to be so! Eyeglasses are such a part of your everyday life that they should be cool to wear and it needs to be convenient to have them with you all the time.

When Specs In A Sec Magnetic eyeglass holder was advertised it gained popularity right away. It answered a need that not many catered to. It’s definitely not a new idea, but what differentiates the Specs In A Sec from other eyeglass holders is that it’s beautifully designed with the customer’s every need in mind. It’s not just functional – it’s an accessory that you soon can’t live without!

Designed like a brooch, you can attach it to your bag or clothes by using a strong magnet to snap it in place. Just position the brooch where you want it, put the magnet on the back of the fabric and it will lock the holder in place. When you need to put your glasses away, just hang it in the holder and forget about it. It will stay where it is even if you do cartwheels! Just imagine not having to worry about losing your eyeglasses again! It’s such a convenience to have one.

Everyone who wears eyeglasses will surely love to have Specs in a Sec. Nerdy is a bygone word. Specs In A Sec comes in several designs that will suit your personality. You can gift it to friends and they’ll be ever so grateful for having one.

Specs In a Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder is another chic and innovative product. Get your nifty eyeglass holder now! Specs In A Sec is so cool it truly rocks!

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With Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, You’ll Finally See The Light!

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder – Brighton Diamond

Have you ever wondered why you subject yourself to countless hours searching for misplaced eyewear? Ever wondered if there might be a solution to this frustrating predicament? Well, wonder no further, because Magnetic Eyeglass Holders are the answer!

These high-style, affordable eyeglass holders are fabric-friendly, offering damage-free security, not to mention, simplicity of use. Just put the magnet inside the fabric of your shirt, pants pocket or swimsuit, and the decorative portion on the outside, and, BAM! You’ve got the best of all eyeglass holders at your fingertips.

Personalize your look by choosing a nifty selection from the classic Italian Best Magnetic Eyeglass Holders; hand made with Vintage Italian accents, or the ever-trendy, super-selling Specs in a Sec collection. All holders are meticulously crafted using high-quality, light-weight metals and a medley of stones and or gems, for decorative, durable wear.

Since their inception, just two short years ago, consumer reviews of Magnetic Eyeglass Holders have been outstanding, and have resulted in over 8 million sales, so far, with practicality, value, and functionality all being cited as the main reasons people buy, love, and buy more Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, for themselves, as well as friends.

Never again will you or a loved one have to suffer the frustration of the great, misplaced spectacle debacle, thanks to Nifty-Nifty’s bright idea; their delightful, insightful, Magnetic Eyeglass Holders.

Order yours today, and receive free shipping to US and Canada, and a flat rate of 5.00 overseas.

You’ll love your Magnetic Eyeglass Holder, No question! – (Other than, why didn’t I learn about this sooner?)

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Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder …

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder makes the best gift for any four-eyed friend because it’s so useful and also acts as a cute accessory. It’s an absolutely nifty invention! The old days of losing your glasses, scratching up lenses from placement in pockets, or wearing those dorky neck bands are over.

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Specs In A Sec Abalone Heart

Specs In A Sec combines strong magnets with pretty designs to create a product that is easy to use and makes everyday life so much simpler. Simply place the backside of the magnet on the inside of your clothing and attach the magnet pairing on the outside. It will stay in place and offer you a safe hinge on which you can store your glasses. In one smooth motion, you thread one ear piece through the perfectly sized ring and have your glasses hang securely. Specs In A Sec keeps your glasses close by and safe, where you won’t lose them or risk damage.

Best of all, Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder is a high quality product that won’t break and is sold at such an affordable price that you can even purchase multiple styles to match different outfits! Someone may even mistake your Specs In A Sec for a lovely broach. As a small, interesting art piece, you can add on a delicate accessory that plays double duty. If you wear glasses, you need Specs In A Sec – you’ll never want to go back!

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How Far Can You Go Without Your Readers?

As a gal who cannot get very far without her reader glasses, and who is admittedly absent-minded enough to perpetually forget where she’s set them, I could not be more excited about Nifty-Nifty’s fabulously new-fangled Specs in Secs Magnetic Eyeglass Holders.Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder, Brighton Diamond
With Specs in Secs, there is no need to puncture clothing with pins, simply set the gorgeous side of the eyewear hanger on the outside of your shirt, jacket, or pocket and the magnet on the inside, and voila! You instantly have a secure and nifty new way to keep up with your eyeglasses, sunglasses, readers, or even your favorite fashion scarf or ID holder.
Specs in Secs are available in a number of fetching colors and designs and are pretty enough to wear by themselves in place of a fashion pin or decorative broach.
At approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches, Spec in Secs are lightweight, compact little holders that can go with you anywhere.
Specs in Secs are quickly becoming a favorite Nifty item among the Hands Free Nation, who are buying them up for themselves as well as gifts for others. If you too want to be on the cutting edge of fashion-savvy eyeglass holders, head on over to to see what all the fuss is about!

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Need A Better Solution For An Eyeglass Holder

Let’s face it – glasses aren’t always  the most stylish accessories. They don’t leave you with a lot of options – you can either put them in a bulky case, stuffed in a pocket, on a granny string, or on your head. Worse still, they are very fragile, expensive, hard to keep track of, and difficult to keep unscratched. To keep from losing or damaging your glasses, invest in a magnetic eyeglass holder. They are so simple, they’re brilliant: a back plate that goes behind your object and a pretty front magnet on the outside. That’s all: an aesthetically pleasing solution to an old problem.SpSc Blk Crcl

Now, you can even accessorize with a variety of stylish designs that go with every outfit, every day. You can attach the holders to purses, backpacks, pockets, and even clothes without ever poking holes in them. The best part is – they’re not even limited to eyeglasses! Sunglasses, Fitbits, pens, even scarves are some other practical uses for your magnetic eyeglass holder.

Magnetic eyeglass holders – like Specs in a Sec, are inexpensive, reliable, and innovative. 64% of the American population needs eyeglasses and everyone needs sunglasses, so why not invest in a better way to keep them safe, stylish and convenient?

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Specs In A Sec – Infusing a New Life into Eyeglass Holders

Eyeglasses undoubtedly make an ultimate fashion statement.  So, it makes a lot of sense to invest in eyeglass holders that are equally stylish and chic. This is precisely where magnetic eyeglass holders come into the picture. Going by the reviews, magnetic eyeglass holders are proving to be one of the most useful accessories for men and women alike. With over 8 million in sales and that too in just two years, they are without a doubt selling like hot cakes. It doesn’t matter whether you wear prescription glasses or fashionable sunglasses; magnetic eyeglass holders can add a whole new level of convenience to the way you keep your eyeglasses with you.


On the surface, the reason might seem quite simple that these eyeglass holders are extremely useful to almost all of us. However, is it really that simple or is there something else behind the momentous popularity of magnetic eyeglass holders. In this article we will try to dig a bit deeper. Just for a second, let’s forget about the awesomeness of these eyeglass holders and concentrate on the reasons why you need them in the first place. Let’s hit the ground running.

There’s no denying the fact that most of us can’t do without our prescription glasses or sunglasses. That being said, one thing you will surely agree on that we don’t need to wear them constantly, day in and day out. For instance some people only need their eyeglasses for reading purposes and people who are even extremely fond of their sunglasses often take them off when they are indoors.

Now, when people don’t wear their glasses all the time, they need a way to put away their eyeglasses safely and again retrieve them easily whenever they need them. Not surprisingly, some people usually keep a handy case with them especially for this purpose. However, what they don’t realize is that a trivial step of putting and retrieving their glasses with the help of a case hundreds of times a day is both frustrating and time-consuming; not to mention how troublesome it is to always carry that case with you, regardless of its size. So, it makes a perfect sense to use eyeglass holders instead.

Now, eyeglass holders are nothing new in the eyewear industry. Traditional eyeglass chains, which are also a form of eyeglass holders, have been around for hundreds of years. Even you may be aware of them if you wear prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. These eyeglass chains are pretty inexpensive and can be worn around the neck so that your eyeglasses will remain with you safe and sound even when you want to remove them. Though quite useful, there is a basic problem with these traditional eyeglass chains. To put it mildly, they are plain, stodgy and boring. In fact, many youngsters consider these to be synonymous with grandmas reading while sitting in their rocking chairs.  So, how can you keep your eyeglasses safely and comfortably with you while still looking stylish and cool? Enter – magnetic eyeglass holders called Specs In A Sec.

Spec In A Sec Magnetic eyeglass holders use very powerful magnets and can be attached to anything without poking any holes in it. Specs In A Sec eyeglass holders accomplish this by creating a very strong magnet-to-magnet force to keep your eyewear safe and sound when you are not using them. When it comes to eyewear accessories, such as eyeglass holders, embracing the very latest in technology is often the coolest bet, and you can accomplish exactly this goal by opting for Specs In A Sec Magnetic eyeglass holders.

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Why Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders Are So Popular …

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders’s popularity is starting to grow as you see it on television and online and most importantly on satisfied customers.

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder

Specs In A Sec Silver Swirl

What Makes Specs-In-A-Sec so Popular?

This product has the following key elements that made it so popular:

Large Target Market. About 64% in the USA wear eyeglasses as estimated by the Vision Council of America.

Practical value. This useful product solved the common problem of the potential market such as eyeglass misplacement, damage to clothes when using pin holders and dangling holders that limit movements.

Visibility. Specs In A Sec design is not plain; it has a variety of pretty and stylish designs that attracts people.

Multifunctional. It is not just an eyeglass holder; it can hold other things such as FitBit, scarves and those necessary essentials that the user values most.

Effective Marketing. The product is advertised on televisions and on the web which is a highly effective channel of marketing.

Powerful offer with a supportive cost of goods. How about free shipping in the USA and Canada and International shipping at a flat rate of only $5.00.  Can’t beat that.

Exceptional Customer Service.  When you purchase your Specs In A Sec you will experience the most incredible customer service.

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Amazing History Of Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Many people have the tendency to misplace their glasses and then search for them all over the place. Some of them even find them right on top of their head, where they left them. It is pretty easy not to feel your glasses sitting right on top of your head since they are not really that heavy. So how does one save all the time and energy not to mention the hassle of misplacing one’s glasses? This is where magnetic eyeglass holders come in.

Specs In A Sec Abalone Heart

Specs In A Sec Abalone Heart

Who invented them? Many people did. There is no one person who can take the credit for inventing the first eyeglass holder or magnetic eyeglass holder. The history of eyeglass holders began with chains or what is called by some as granny chains. The chains are attached to the glasses at the temples. The problem is that these types of holders do not stay put if one were to bend down to do something, be it to pet his dog, pick up something from the floor or gardening.

Not surprisingly, the idea for eyeglass holder pins was formed. The holder pin was pinned to a person’s clothes so that the eyeglasses were kept visible on a person’s body. Some of these pins were beautifully decorated. But the problem is that the pins created visible holes in the clothes. Imagine using these pins on costly clothes that ended up having holes.

To solve the problem of holes, the idea for magnetic eyeglass holders was formed. It is very hard to point out and say who or which company did it first. These holders are not only affordable but they are easy to use and some of the holders are so beautifully decorated that people mistake them for broaches. During the last century, steel magnet was famous. But after some time, ferrite magnet took over.

Then somewhere in 1983, a new material, Rare Earth Magnets or NEFEM was invented. NEFEM or neodymium is 100 times more powerful in magnetic field than steel and 10 times more powerful in magnetic field compared to ferrite. What’s more neodymium is much smaller and cost effective compared to ferrite and steel magnets. Though small in size it can hold objects that are up to 30 times its weight. So a person can attach both his sunglasses and eyeglasses to the holder and not worry about them falling and breaking into pieces.

A keeper is normally used to pin the magnet eyeglass holder to clothing. The preferred material for the keeper is Alnico, which is made of aluminum, cobalt, nickel and fifty percent of iron. Indeed there is no clearly recorded evidence to say who invented an eyeglass holder or a magnetic eyeglass holder for the very first time. The person who invented it may not have wanted to patent it. The only reference as to the inventors can be made via their patent applications.

The first patent for eyeglass holder seems to have been applied by Sean Manufacturing Company in 1997. The patent was approved two years or so later. A series of patents for eyeglass holders followed suit later, coming from Arnold Theresa R, Eugene Search and so on. The first patent for a magnetic eyeglass holder seemed to have been applied by Dan. L.Dietz in 2001 and was approved two years later. Since then there have been patent applications from Gripping Eyewear Inc. and Donald P Rathbun, who seemed to have invented the multipole magnet that can hold various items to a person’s clothing.

So far, there is no concrete evidence that proves a specific person or company invented magnetic eyeglass holders. However, many individuals and companies take credit for creating the latest invention for the use of eyeglass wearers, who don’t have to worry about searching for their glasses ever again.

Take a look at the fabulous designs available.

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7 Reasons Your Eyeglasses Hates You

Ever thought about the fact that your eyeglasses probably hate you?  I bet they do and here are some of the reasons why

1…You are constantly misplacing your eyeglasses and cursing your eyeglasses.

2…You put your eyeglasses on top of your head.  Imagine being your glasses and getting stretched out, or getting your hair product in them.

3…You have several pairs of readers in different places and those are misplaced too.

4…You go shopping and leave them on the counter and walk away without them.

5…You leave them in your car in the hot sun.

6…You are at a restaurant about to read the menu, you reach for your glasses and you realize you forgot to bring them with you.  Eyeglasses fault again.

7…You are shopping and need to read the label.  Now the glasses search begins in your handbag.  You know you put them there, but which pocket?  Oh maybe they are still at home.

Now if you really want to have a love affair with your eyeglasses, especially those expensive, prescription ones then this is the answer.  Actually, it’s so easy you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Enter Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglasses.  All you do is place the magnet inside your clothes and place the good-looking magnetic holder on the outside.  As easy as that you have a place to hang your eyeglasses on you and what a concept – you always know where your eyeglasses are.  Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders to the rescue!  Now you know, so you have no more excuses :-)

Specs In A Sec Color Butterfly

Specs In A Sec Color Butterfly


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