Month: December 2013

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass HolderS The Best Magnetic Eyeglass HolderS ~ Fabulous New Designs AND Free Shipping!

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder – it’s the Magnetic Eyeglass Holder with Free Shipping. Free shipping and excellent customer service. Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder, the best magnetic eyeglass holders ~  now fabulous new designs!  Meet the Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder which

Eyeglass Holders And How They Have Evolved …

We all know that it’s hard to read if you can’t see.  Those of us who wear glasses know this all too well, and we know the torture of the eyeglass hunt. Thank goodness for eyeglass holders and always knowing

Specs In A Sec Eyeglass Holder To The Rescue Of Yet Another Eyeglass Holder Solution …

There is another solution for lost glasses.  Have a sleeve with your ID number attached to the arm of your glasses.  To see more about this go to  With this solution, you have to have faith in mankind, trusting

Eyeglasses vs Contact Lenses And The Benefits Of Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Eyeglasses vs Contact Lenses What makes some people choose glasses for their eyes over contact lenses, and some others just the opposite? How is one different from the other, other than in appearance? A contact lens is a corrective, cosmetic,