Month: March 2014

Specs In A Sec – Infusing a New Life into Eyeglass Holders

Eyeglasses undoubtedly make an ultimate fashion statement.  So, it makes a lot of sense to invest in eyeglass holders that are equally stylish and chic. This is precisely where magnetic eyeglass holders come into the picture. Going by the reviews,

Why Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders Are So Popular …

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders’s popularity is starting to grow as you see it on television and online and most importantly on satisfied customers. What Makes Specs-In-A-Sec so Popular? This product has the following key elements that made it so popular:

Amazing History Of Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Many people have the tendency to misplace their glasses and then search for them all over the place. Some of them even find them right on top of their head, where they left them. It is pretty easy not to

7 Reasons Your Eyeglasses Hates You

Ever thought about the fact that your eyeglasses probably hate you?  I bet they do and here are some of the reasons why 1…You are constantly misplacing your eyeglasses and cursing your eyeglasses. 2…You put your eyeglasses on top of

Specs In A Sec Eyeglasses Holders Have A New Function!

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders have a new function. In the beginning ReadeRest Magnetic Eyeglass Holders were featured on Shark Tank and the nation loved them.  Then came Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Hangers which have super

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Is On Special …

Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Specs In A Sec Abalone Flower is on SPECIAL – ONLY $9.99  for the month of March. Only $9.99 for a magnetic eyeglass holder! At this price you have to try using magnetic eyeglass holders – they are