Month: April 2014

Specs In A Sec – Infusing a New Life into Eyeglass Holders

Eyeglasses undoubtedly make an ultimate fashion statement.  So, it makes a lot of sense to invest in eyeglass holders that are equally stylish and chic. This is precisely where magnetic eyeglass holders come into the picture. Going by the reviews,

Effect of A Magnetic Eyeglass Holder on Pacemakers and ICDs

Magnetic eyeglass holders have been featured on TV as the new “in” thing. They’re beautiful little brooches that you can put on your shirts and bags mainly to hold your eyeglasses. It’s become so popular to people who want to

Jeepers, Creepers! Where’d You Put Your Peepers?

If you’re a person like me, who needs the assistance of eyeglasses for reading and or work-related tasks, chances are that you also, like me, forget where you’ve set said eyeglasses on a regular basis. And, seriously — how annoying

Why Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders?

Wearing eyeglasses was never fashionable, nor are they convenient. When you wear an eyeglass chain or strap around your neck, it looks nerdy! At least that’s the general impression. But it doesn’t have to be so! Eyeglasses are such a

With Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, You’ll Finally See The Light!

Have you ever wondered why you subject yourself to countless hours searching for misplaced eyewear? Ever wondered if there might be a solution to this frustrating predicament? Well, wonder no further, because Magnetic Eyeglass Holders are the answer! These high-style,

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder …

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holder makes the best gift for any four-eyed friend because it’s so useful and also acts as a cute accessory. It’s an absolutely nifty invention! The old days of losing your glasses, scratching up

How Far Can You Go Without Your Readers?

As a gal who cannot get very far without her reader glasses, and who is admittedly absent-minded enough to perpetually forget where she’s set them, I could not be more excited about Nifty-Nifty’s fabulously new-fangled Specs in Secs Magnetic Eyeglass

Need A Better Solution For An Eyeglass Holder

Let’s face it – glasses aren’t always  the most stylish accessories. They don’t leave you with a lot of options – you can either put them in a bulky case, stuffed in a pocket, on a granny string, or on