Month: August 2014

We Are Excited To Announce The Release Of OurNew Specs-In-A-Sec Video

Specs-in-a-Sec, the exceptional magnetic eyeglass holders now appearing in their very own video. We are Celebrity-endorsed creators of highly desirable, one-of-a-kind fashion accessories, and are pleased to announce our latest video release, featuring our sensational Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders. Our superstar

Specs-In-A-Sec New Designs Are Coming

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders will soon be available in several brand new designs As creators of incomparably innovative magnetic eyeglass holder gadgetry, we have recently announced that we will soon be unveiling a new series of ‘must see’ Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders.