Month: April 2015

Protecting kids’ eyes from too much screen time

Everywhere you look these days, whether at the mall, restaurants or grocery stores, you see kids hunched over screens, eyes glazed over and entranced by the flashing lights. It’s no surprise that they’re becoming just as obsessed with gadgets as

Does wearing glasses weaken your eyesight?

Many people believe that the longer you wear spectacles the worse your eyesight becomes. But are they right? Claudia Hammond takes a clear look at the evidence. Do you wear glasses?  Are you constantly losing them?  End the search with

We’ve Got the Specs on This Mother’s Gift Ideas

Specs-In-A-Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders  are the perfect way to express one’s love this Mother’s Day As creators of the world’s most versatile, ‘As Seen on TV’, fashion accessories, we are proud  to announce that we’ve got the best Mother’s Day gifts

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders Are Popular – Here Is Why

Let’s be honest – glasses aren’t always  the most stylish accessories. Carrying them around doesn’t leave you with a lot of options – you can either put them in a bulky case, stuffed in a pocket, on a granny string, or on

The Evolution Of Eyeglass Holders

So glad we live in the 21st Century where we have Magnetic Eyeglass Hangers because if you search back into ways to hold our eyeglasses you’ll find quite a few inventions. The starting point was the eyeglass chain, which was