The Evolution Of Eyeglass Holders

So glad we live in the 21st Century where we have Magnetic Eyeglass Hangers because if you search back into ways to hold our eyeglasses you’ll find quite a few inventions. The starting point was the eyeglass chain, which was a simple way of keeping your eyeglasses close to you. However, these weren’t quite as convenient as they looked because the glasses were always getting in the way when trying to do anything, especially when you had to bend over. Commonly known as “granny chains” they quickly became something only the elderly seemed to use and weren’t stylish or functional.

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Specs In A Sec Magnetic Eyeglass Holders

Next came the eyeglass holder pins that were a little more easy to use but you had to poke a hole in your clothing in order to use them. This was not only inconvenient but it caused damage to your clothes and could end up poking the skin if it came undone.

Neither one of these was the optimum solution for eyeglass wearers. Either you had to look outdated and old, worry about a chain dangling and getting in the way, worry about holes poked in your clothes, or just had an unstylish look. Many people would have rather just lay their glasses down somewhere rather than worry over these solutions, which weren’t really solutions at all. Not to mention losing the eyeglasses.

Fortunately for eyeglass wearers everywhere, a new approach to keeping your eyeglasses close was invented. This solution solved the problems that the other two approaches had and it did it in an easy and efficient way.

We are long-time provider of innovative and unique products once again provided a way to solve a problem easily and efficiently. Having been a staple on As Seen on TV, we knew that people needed something else to keep their eyeglasses safe without having the inconvenience of chains or holes poked through their clothing.

With the invention of the magnetic eyeglass holder, this problem is solved. The handy magnet goes on the inside of whatever you are wearing and the outside features a decorative design such as a butterfly, heart, or minimal decorative design for men. With the hook for the eyeglasses attached to the magnet, your eyeglasses are safe and sound and won’t fall off. It doesn’t matter if you bend over, jump, or do any activity you normally would do; your glasses stay in place and you don’t have to worry about losing them or breaking them.

There are many designs available and best of all, they’re an affordable way to solve a problem. The great thing is that it has more than one use. Aside from eyeglasses you can also hang your sunglasses or anything else that can be hung; you can even use it to keep a scarf in place.

To make all this an even more wonderful experience, with us you always get free shipping so along with the great price for the eyeglass holder you also don’t have to worry about extra charges to have it sent to you. The customer service is stellar and you can find a variety of awesome products that work to make your life easier.

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