Magnetic Eyeglass Holders Full Range of Designs Back in Stock.

Our Magnetic Eyeglass Holders are once again available for purchase in every single captivating style.


Specs In A Sec Color Heart

Specs In A Sec Color Heart

As the world’s largest outlet for one of kind, innovative, fashion accessories, we are pleased to announce that all designs are once again available in each line of our magnificent Magnetic Eyeglass Holders.

We are starting the new year off right! We have replenished our entire stock of Magnetic Eyeglass Holder designs, in each of our three distinct lines, so there are plenty of eye-catching options to choose from. Now is a great time to stock up on all your favorites – while supplies last!

View our full line of Magnetic Eyeglass Holder Designs, here:

Magnetic Eyeglass Holders offer a fun and unique way to keep up with one’s eyewear. Each of our three Holder lines: Spec-In-A-Sec, Italian Best, and Creita Eyeglass Holder Necklace, offer convenient, fabric-friendly, and highly fashionable eyeglass security and accessibility.

These compact, lightweight gadgets are easy to take anywhere, and provide all day style for those who wear eyeglasses, readers, or sunglasses. The Specs-In-A-Sec and Italian Best Magnetic Eyeglass Holders are also ideal for non-eyeglass wearers, as they can hold fashion scarves, pens, Id’s or trinkets, adding an element of pizzazz and functionality to any outfit.

Gone are the days of boring eyeglass chains, or sticking one’s eyeglasses atop their head, only to find them full of hair product – or worse – missing. With Magnetic Eyeglass Holders, one is able to keep up with their eyewear in a beautiful way, day in and day out, at any activity level.

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