Magnetic Eyeglass Holders Are Popular – Here Is Why

SpSc Brt DmndLet’s be honest – glasses aren’t always  the most stylish accessories. Carrying them around doesn’t leave you with a lot of options – you can either put them in a bulky case, stuffed in a pocket, on a granny string, or on your head. Worse still, they are fragile, expensive, hard to keep track of, and they often seem to get scratched. To keep from losing or damaging your glasses, invest in a magnetic eyeglass holder. They are so simple, they’re brilliant: a back plate that goes behind your object and a front magnet on the outside. That’s it and you have an aesthetically pleasing solution to an old problem.

Now, you can even accessorize with a variety of Magnetic Eyeglass Holders in stylish designs that go with every outfit, every day. You can attach the holders to purses, backpacks, pockets, and even clothes without ever poking holes in them. The best part is – they’re not even limited to eyeglasses! Sunglasses, Fitbits, pens, even scarves are some other practical uses for your magnetic eyeglass holder.

Magnetic eyeglass holders – like Specs in a Sec, are inexpensive, reliable, and innovative. 64% of the American population needs eyeglasses and everyone needs sunglasses, so why not invest in a better way to keep them safe, stylish and convenient?

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